Homestyle – RUGS

“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art”

(Oscar Wilde)

RUGS is a "globalized" collection.

Two apparently distant cultures meet up to RECYCLE.

The design is Italian, the manufacture is Indian.

By commingling different points of view and cultural heritage, 7 stories are told.

7 rugs, unique in size and design, tell the story of inventive recycling, of masterly repurposing

Tecnica: soumac
Dimensioni: cm 80x220 - cm 120x180
Composizione: 90% Sari Silk Yarn 10% Cotone
Peso: 3,5 Kg mq
Tempo di produzione: pronto - pezzo unico non replicabile se non per stesso acquirente

Recycling by choice.

We tell the story of weaving on artisanal looms in a continuous rhythm of warp and weft, using yarn recovered from the production of the traditional Indian sari.