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Strong contrasts, hypnotic grids, unexpected patterns and bold colours are the ABC of the ARABIC collection of hand-knotted rugs for a new experience in interior furnishings.

SOUMAK TECHNIQUE . It is a flat-weave technique. Created by passing the thread horizontally around successive pairs of warp threads – once over and once under.Vertically compressed by a weaving  comb, the pattern is made up of “waves” which protrude from the carpet. 

THE PACKAGING. It is designed to be re-used and not thrown away. The bag in which the rug is transported turno into a practical shopper and, of course, can always be used to store the rug. 

Use and re-use. We choose to re-cycyle in order to reduce to a minimum the negative impact of waste on the environment. The individual components are designed to be re-invented and recycled again and again.